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Bargain Huntress. Loved by foreign men. 30ish, and I live alone with two cats. Yeah... I am single, obviously (see above). I lack the ability to eat desserts in moderation. I don't take no for an answer. I like a good argument everyday. I am real.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am a hit with the homeless

Today, a homeless man told me I looked beautiful as I walked by. I gotta say I was really touched.

I am trying to decide what my Halloween costume should be this year. Last year I rocked it with my green Loofah homemade ensemble so I am feeling the pressure to trump myself this year.

A few ideas I have include:



A human size lucky penny


A fairy princess

What do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What do I do if my cat looks at me funny?

Today I went to foster training and recieved my foster manuel. It is 50 pages long.

I need help putting together a cat first aid kit.

My mother had her gall bladder removed recently. Now what is going to happen to all her bile?

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am starting a Blog so Andrea can Read it

Let's start with an introduction, as this is my first blog, correction: My first blog since college.

I doubt I will actually have the time or the real desire to post often but who knows so why not made an attempt.

I am creating a blog because enough people have asked me if I do or if I don't how it would be such a good way to catalogue my somewhat unpredictable life events.

I will start with my current situation.

I have 3 cats. One is my own and two are my "fosters". I got sucked into fostering cats because I discovered a pet store a few blocks from where I work on my lunch hour. I was looking for a shedding thingy that a friend had recommended for my cat and instead I opened the door to Narnia and was introduced to the world of Cat Rescue and was persuaded to start doing ridiculous things like feeding my cat foul smelling all natural canned food and switching from grocery store run of the mill litter to litter made of finely shredded pine wood that makes my apartment smell like a freshly cut log. They have cats and kittens that are rescued from shelters in the area and taken into the shop for home remedy health care and maximum exposure to the all natural pet loving public.

I started off as a moderate one cat owner and somehow found myself assistanting in hooking up a starving shelter orphan to an an IV after force feeding him liquidized food through a syringe.

Now, I would say I have a somewhat stressful job, for example, today I spend 45mins on the phone with a Russian lady who wanted assistance in completing her sweepstakes entries for the foundation I work for and was having trouble because she had mixed up the entry forms and didn't know which reply envelopes she should return them in. Also, she was convinced she had somehow won $4,000 even though that isn't even a prize amount we award. I spend a great deal of time utilizing my assumed clairvoyant powers in advising her as to which sticker went where on which color envelope and whether or not she needed to include her signature on the "blue one".
She did promise me that if she won anything she would give me a cut which of course even if in the very rare occasion she actually does win I cannot accept because I am a foundation employee. But its the thought that counts. Did I mention she was Russian? Also,68 yrs old and at one point she diverged and told me sad details of the death of a friend she had gone to visit in New York and she explained that this is what kept her from entering the sweepstakes earlier. I gave her my sympathies.

Back to the cats, I am now a convert. To the horror of those closest to me I am a crazy cat lady in training. My best friends, coworkers, grandmother and even my Portuguese tutor have all warned me of the perils of being " The lady with many cats". My grandmother said something to the affect of " I don't know if I want to have a granddaughter who has....a lot of cats" and apparently The Crazy Cat Lady is universal because, as my Portuguese tutor informed me, they have them in Brazil as well. I have no shame in this however because in the words of my fellow crazy cat lady role models " I am literally saving lives" " One litter at a time...."

I make direct mail for a living. That means I have unlimited access to anything you can make hundreds of thousands of in China for less than a buck. I will never have to buy another greeting card for the rest of my life. I am the proud owner of about a hundred magnets. If I loose one keychain there will always be one waiting to replace it. Why wash your used personalized coffee mug when a fresh one is standing by? And my need to have anything illustrated with the following has been completely and forever fulfilled: puppies and kitties, Santa Claus, Jesus, The Virgin Mary, Gandhi, or Native American children.

Come Christmas time I will have an unending supply of snowman embroidered decorative fleece pillows available if you are interested.

My chair pad is much prettier than these

My chair pad is much prettier than these