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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Unique Bazaar

I found this most excellent thrift shop in Silver Spring on my way home from visiting friends called Unique Thrift Shop and Bazaar. I put the link to the website above.

First of all, this place is HUGE, I thought I was in a Walmart when I walked in-it is so large- and they have regular check out lanes and more than a dozen shopping carts and everything is in perfect order. Sheets are labeled by size, things are grouped by category. As much as I owe many of my great second-hand finds to Goodwill this store trumps Goodwill and then some in both size and organization.

The one draw back is that they write the price on the object instead putting a sticker with the price. For example, I got this really unique (go figure I got something unique at "Unique Bazaar") piece of art ( its big, it's blue, it's hand sticked, and it's a peacock- need I say more?) and the price ($5.95) is written on the top part in some kind of eye-liner type pencil. And its make of fabric so I don't think that is coming off. But the good news is that its on the top side so when it it is hanging on the wall you won't see it, but still, was that a wise decision Unique Bazaar pricer employee?

The lamp stand I bought also has the price black wax penciled on it but since I plan to paint it, no matter. I didn't look at any of the clothes but if I pick up a t-shirt and it says "$1.95" across the front I am putting it right back on the rack. Although, it might be kind of funny to have a shirt that says its price on it... maybe I could get an entire outfit that has all the prices I paid for each item written across it . I am going to put that on the back burner as a Halloween costume option for next year.

Always, it snowed today so I cleaned my apartment and posted lots of stuff on Craigslist. I am trying to sell some decor pillows and my old twin bedframe. Interested? I put my links to the side ---->
Check it out.

I also slept in thanks to my new Serta memory foam mattress from Overstock.com! I ordered a frame for it but it won't arrive until sometime next week so I put the matress on the floor and slept on it anyway. It was amazing.

One cat took to the new sleeping arrangement right away and joined me on the gaint molding mattress but the other cat stuck to my old twin bed ( which is still in my bedroom pushed to the side). Change is difficult for him. But sometime during the night (I don't know when because for once I was far away in dreamland) he joined us on the memory foam and since I now have a grown up size bed he was not forced to sleep on top of me in a pile but found his own spot by my feet. Bliss.

I made a Craiglist posting to the Free section to give away the box that my memory foam mattress came in and I happened to mention in my ad that the free box was the box my new memory foam mattress came in and some guy emailed me to ask how I liked it. Was it as good as everyone was saying? I wrote him back and gave him my 5 star review.

A few hours later he emailed me again to say that he had looked at some options but wasn't sure which one to get and wondered if I might send him the link to the one I bought. I did and now we are facebook friends. (Just kidding about the facebook friends part).

I still have the box although I think I have a taker as soon as the snow melts.

I have more to say but this post is long enough so until next time

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have Rollerskating pictures!

Group picture! I kidnapped a baby for the shot

Roll Krista roll

Acting crazy is more fun when you are on rollerskates

Rob enjoys rollerskating.

Amandas on skates

Birthday Girl Jennylynn and Gobe action shot

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keepin up with the Jones

Its a new year and I have decided to resurrect the blog I started at the end of last year, rename it, and re-devote myself to its upkeep.

Exciting Things That Have Happened To Me Lately

1. I signed up for a World Market customer card, its like the kind they give you at grocery stores not like the credit cards they try to sucker you into signing up for it. And my first perk with my new World Market customer card was a $10 certificate for my birthday. Thank you World Market for the beautiful chair cushion and tiny Asian motif vases! How thoughtful!

2. I found a solid oak chair by the dumpster of my building and it's in beautiful condition (despite my finding in the rain). I dried it off and gave it a new home in my living room as a temporary lamp holder. I think I might paint it a pale green. (Free World Market cushion was selected for free dumpster chair)

3. I hung drapes up in my living room. No power tools involved. And it only took 3 hours.

4. I have decided to join a gym and stop taking Portuguese lessons. My Professor said I could pay him in movie tickets (sometimes I get them free from a vendor at work) but unfortunately there has been a recent decline in free movies tickets and I just couldn't guarantee them as a reliable payment method. I am joining the gym for obvious reasons, I need to workout and meet single men who work out.

5. I went rollerskating today with some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. I will have to post some pictures after I track down who has them.


My chair pad is much prettier than these

My chair pad is much prettier than these