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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today my cats Eskimo Kissed

This week has gone a little rough and I haven't had much I wanted to share with the whole world so today when my two cats shared a sweet moment it warmed my heart.

I don't have a picture of it but when my sweet little Rosie reached up and pawed sleeping Simba on his back and he turned to her and she leaned up and they touched noses I felt like, maybe, everything would be ok after all.

No action shot like I said, but here are some just as adorable pics I had on hand :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Enough

Above is my 98 Honda Accord that has been a tried and true friend through many a natural disaster. It survived the hurricanes of Florida and the humilation of having its windshield beat in by a bunch of kids with a baseball bat.

It climbed the mountain passes of Tennessee, has been registered in 3 states, and endured a multitude of fender benders with stationary objects, parked cars, and people who don't look behind them before putting their vechile in reverse.

Two police reports, and countless dents and paint scratches. It has had two new bumpers and one old one taken off and put back on again. It stood beside me gallantly after the hit and run in D.C. that one evening after work.

But with the Blizzard of 2010, has come the ultimate insult and injustice.

I was cleaning off the snow pictured above with the only tool available to girl who lives in an apartment complex: a dustpan, and was on the cusp of victory when I made the fatal mistake of shoveling to close to the front license plate. Crack! I heard plastic shatter against metal and when I reached down to feel around in the snow my hand found one half of the Honda symbol from my front hood cover.

All I have to say is, thank God for super glue.

Friday, February 5, 2010

French Dis-connection

My new bed frame that was delivered yesterday came without the hardware to put it together so I called the manufacturer in Canada and the customer service rep said the hardware would reach me probably by Thursday.

When I gave her my address she didn't know where Maryland was located. She was from Quebec.

I know where that is.

I told her it would probably take longer than expected to deliver since we were in the middle of receiving 2 feet plus of snow.

She then sort of made fun of our American inability to handle copious amounts of snow unlike the Great White North.

Well, I felt like telling her to souffler à ton cul but instead I just said " Yeah, this is kind of a disaster for us. Ok, thanks for your help."

The French are impossible even when they are Canadian

Os franceses são ridículos

Monday, February 1, 2010

My male cat is a Eunuch

Simba, the cat with the emerald green eyes at the bottom of page has no male genitalia. That's right, not only is he neutered but he doesn't have a pee-pee either.

This grand discovery came about last night, or rather very early this morning when I had to rush him to the emergency animal hospital because of what looked like a very serious issue with blood in his urine and big problems with his lower abdominal plumbing which can be very dangerous and get very bad very quickly in male cats.

After a long wait watching my poor little fur ball get poked and proded in all of his cavities and flash me two longing looks through the hospital door where I waiting in the lobby with some kind of form in my hand and a pen in my hand that I couldn't stop flipping nervously, the doctor emerged.

Vet: " Has he ever had any surgeries in the past?"

Me: He was a rescue cat and I have only had him a few months and don't have this complete medical history so it is possible.

Vet: " I think he may have had an operation that they sometimes perform on cats that have a history of urinary tract infections to permanently correct it and prevent blockage."

Me: " Oh, ok, that's good right?"

Vet: " Let me draw you a picture and explain. See this would be the anatomy of a regular male cat here is the urethra, see how it curves, and here would be the penis blah blah....and you see how because of the anatomy how a blockage could happen..."

Me: Me at 1am after transporting a beloved pet whose is dripping blood from his butt on icy roads: " Oh uh huh"

Vet: in a little bit too discovery channel-ish wonder " Well, he doesn't have any of that, this is what his anatomy looks like " He draws me a picture with just one straight canal coming out one hole."

Me: I look at him and blink.

Vet: " He doesn't have any of that, he is like a girl cat, no penis, no curve in the urethra..."

Me: at 1am stressed to the max " WHAT?! MY MALE CAT DOESN'T HAVE A PENIS?! ARE YOU TELLING ME MY CAT IS A EUNUCH? ....wait....is he really a "he" at all?"

Vet: between laughs, "Well...oh no he is male...this is good!"

Me: " It's 1am, my cat is sick and we just discovered he is a eunuch. Its a bloody holiday!" (no pun intended)

He sent us home with meds and directions to "watch him and if he stops being able to pee bring him back in" I didn't sleep a wink and either did he between the frantic trips to the litter box and moaning and crying.

He is much better today though and it seems his meds are starting to do the trick.

I still am in a bit of a shock and could use another nap but at least I have another good story under my belt.

Boa Noite

My chair pad is much prettier than these

My chair pad is much prettier than these