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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Overheard on an elevator

Yesterday I was on my way out of my building when I got into the elevator with this girl who was on her cell phone and at one point she says:

"Yeah, I mean, come on! The Cheesecake Factory? Its like..so 1994. Can I at least get a good restaurant...."

Is there an expiration date on coolness for restaurants?

(Not that I would know, I was wearing a t-shirt with a Labrador retriever puppy wearing a bandanna that said " Campaign Against Cruelty" across it.)

But I don't remember the Cheesecake Factory having an especially "hip" period in the 90s either. It wasn't like the cast of 90210 was constantly being caught chowing down on a really really big dinner portion salad in Beverly Hills or anything.

What are the "now" restaurants? I can't think of a single restaurant that I want to eat at that hasn't been serving their best for over 25 years or more.

I just smiled at the girl and then took off in my 1998 Honda accord.

Cheesecake Factory e muito legal!

My chair pad is much prettier than these

My chair pad is much prettier than these