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Monday, November 22, 2010

Boring Things I can't Resist

I have a confession to make....I like me some boring stuff on TV including but not limited the following:

Antique Roadshow - I just discovered recently that this show started in the UK and they run the original British shows on PBS.

Book TV- sometimes they interview really good authors of books I might want to read. For example, I learned all about a former Colombian politician, Íngrid Betancourt who was kidnapped by the Colombian drug traffickers and held captive in the Amazon jungle for SIX YEARS.

Telemundo- I know my Spanish is moderate at best but they always run the best American movies dubbed and sometimes suspenseful movies are even more suspenseful if you have to really pay attention to understand what is going on.

That guy who paints paintings- I remember being a kid and sitting mesmerized by the guy who would show you how to paint landscapes. He would start from the beginning and you just watched him paint leaves on trees and blades of grass for an hour.
And I could not pull myself away from it.

essas coisas são muito chatos, mas eu gosto deles

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My chair pad is much prettier than these

My chair pad is much prettier than these